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Self Defense / Personal Protection


Armaband - Self Defense Wristband 

Aramband is the first self defense product of it's kind. Comfortably worn as a discreet wristband, it can transform into a highly-effective protection device in the blink of an eye. If threatened, simply pull the outer band over the thumb and into the armed position. The outer band rests across the palm of the hand and is embedded with numerous micro stingers. When these stingers come in contact with the attacker's exposed skin, they cause an immediate and involuntary "pulling away" reaction. The Armaband was invented by Personal Safety Expert Chris Harris.

Seeking to License or to Sell Outright.   x60613

Doggie Porthole -  Hey, is your dog curious about what's on the other side of your fence?  Is he looking to broaden his horizons beyond your back yard?  Or maybe he has a serious crush on Fifi next door.  Read more...

Keyboard Food Tray -  Snacking and drinking while sitting at your computer can get crumbs and even worse, coffee, in your keyboard.  Read more...

Remote Control with Built-In Bottle Opener -  A cold brew and TV go hand in hand.  And once you are settled into your favorite easy chair, getting up to get the bottle opener is just so inconvenient.  Read more...


Talking Autograph Baseballs

Talking Autograph Baseball - Record and Play Your Favorite Players Voice!  Talking Autograph Baseballs allow fans to record and play their favorite player's voice from their baseball. PLUS get a signed autograph on the baseball, and have a photo taken with their favorite player to place in the baseball. FREE Autograph Pen Included. NOW you can collect all the players' voices on your favorite team just like you collect baseball cards and autographs. Special locking devise prevents anyone from erasing your favorite recording!    Seeking Distributors, Retail Outlets, Sales Reps or Buy One Today!  x62011


Golf Ball Launcher - Invention Showcase

Golf Ball Launcher - Golf Just Got Fun For Everyone!  The Golf Ball Launcher is an all-new concept, making golf accessible to everyone!  Some of you have stopped playing golf because of mobility difficulties or lack of time to practice your game.  Some of you have never played golf because of a physical handicap or because the game never appealed to you.  But now EVERYONE can enjoy the great outdoors and the camaraderie of golf with the amazing new Golf Ball Launcher!  Ideal for people with mobility difficulties.  Great for people who stopped playing due to age related issues. Fun for everyone, including youngsters. No time for practice?  Now you can still enjoy the game. Seeking to License   x52013



Manufacturers In China.Com 
International Buying & Sourcing Agent

Overseas sourcing agent with over 30 year of experience in sourcing out products and sourcing Manufacturers in China for major retailers, private companies & inventors throughout the USA and abroad. I am recommended by the Trade Development Council and the Chambers of Commerce in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. You need to know that you can count on your suppliers and the right manufacturers. I act on your behalf, protecting your interests throughout the process of bringing your products to market


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